"Groomer's Stone is, in most cases, better than a currycomb. It gets out the dirt and hair like a currycomb, is much easier on my horses' sensitive spots and leaves their coat looking a lot better."

Tana R.
Springfield, Missouri



"Groomer's Stone is unbelievable at taking off shedding hair. Not only off of Emma, but furniture, too! Emma loves the massage she gets Heck, she walks around the house with it in her mouth, begging people to brush her"

Tom W.
La Crosse, Wisconsin



"After the very first time I used Groomer's Stone on Tigger, she would hide when I brought out her old brush. Now all I use is the Groomer's Stone and she comes right to me every time. It does wonders taking hair off of her coat. Tigger has never looked better. "

Susie B.
Chatham, Illinois